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Strict Euro 7 Emissions Regulations To Cost Consumers 10 Times More Than Originally Estimated

The European Commission might have been too optimistic in their estimates about the added cost to vehicles due to Euro 7 regulations. A new study commissioned by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), suggests the actual numbers are 4 to 10 times higher depending on the vehicle segment.


More specifically, according to the Frontier Economics study, the direct cost per vehicle for ICE-powered cars and vans is €1,862 ($1,997) for petrol and €2,629 ($2,820) for diesel, which are 10 and 5 times higher respectively compared to the official estimates. Similarly, the Euro 7 upgrade cost for trucks and buses with diesel engines is a staggering €11,707 ($12,555) per vehicle, or 4 times higher than the number originally suggested by the European Commission.

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