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A standardised platform could democratise OTA

Over-the-air (OTA) software updates promise to revolutionise the way services are delivered to vehicles. From refreshing the features on an infotainment system to fixing a critical malfunction, the applications are potentially limitless. But the process is a complex one. It starts with a secure link between the vehicle and the cloud, but the data pipeline then needs to reach numerous electronic control units (ECUs) across various technical domains. Those ECUs could come from a handful of different suppliers using multiple operating systems and a range of security mechanisms.

The eSync Alliance is offering a secure, multi-vendor platform for OTA that could speed up the industry’s transition towards a safe, connected future. The communications link is bidirectional, allowing for both sending updates and collecting data. Importantly, it means Tier One suppliers need not spend time and resources re-engineering their product to meet numerous different OTA protocols. “The industry is in desperate need of a standardised OTA platform that is accessible to all OEMs and suppliers. eSync is the solution,” asserts Mike Gardner, Executive Director of eSync Alliance.

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