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Emissions scrutiny shapes braking innovation

Gasoline and diesel internal combustion engine (ICE) technology has improved dramatically over the years. Combined with the growing adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), tailpipe emissions are on the decline and scrutiny is shifting towards non-exhaust emissions, such as those from braking systems. Tiny metal particles released into the air have been linked to lung damage and respiratory problems, and regulators are cracking down.

Measuring brake emissions

Euro 7, which is set to take effect in 2025, will mark the first emission standard to limit particle emissions from brakes. Pivotal to that will be establishing an official procedure to measure brake particle emissions under standardised conditions. This is exactly what the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s Working Party on Pollution and Energy has been developing, as have various braking experts. For brake suppliers, these coming standards are reshaping current R&D and guiding future product strategies.

Tenneco’s Ferodo OE Braking business is a case in point.

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