Super car

Digital tools enable new interpretation of luxury experience

The experience of driving and riding in a car is evolving rapidly in the wake of technological developments, and the luxury segment is paving the way. With a generous budget to play with, designers are exploring a range of new interpretations of the user experience within a luxury vehicle.

Yanfeng Automotive Interiors has been at the forefront of automotive interior innovations. Every year since 2015, it has presented a vision of future mobility with its concept cars, which have born the eXperience in Motion (XiM) badge since 2016. The latest concept, the XiM23, was inspired by the company’s Luxury Research Study released in late 2022. “We spent a lot of time researching broader mobility to understand what’s coming at us, both as a company and an industry,” says Tim Shih, Vice President of Design and User Experience for Yanfeng Technology (YFT). “The XiM show car serves as a hypothesis. This becomes a good way for us to have a conversation with customers and then a broader audience.”

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