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Electric CVs require new R&D and production methodologies

The commercial vehicle (CV) segment is dealing with two interconnected challenges in 2023: electrification and the need to manufacture lower carbon vehicles. Some larger OEMs, such as Volvo Trucks, are already making significant progress in both areas. However, smaller companies, particularly low-volume and mission-specific CV producers, might not have the equivalent financial and technical resources to adapt in this new paradigm.

This is where Watt Electric Vehicle Company (WEVC) believes it can make a difference. Based in Cornwall, UK, the company was formed in 2022 with a focus on niche electric vehicles (EVs) in the passenger and light commercial vehicle segments.

Neil Yates, Founder and Chief Executive, explains to Automotive World how WEVC’s new chassis R&D process could transform the specialised CV industry. He also reflects on how electrification could ultimately change CV design and the driver experience for the better.

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