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Data and EVs to shape 2030 vehicle manufacturing

The car factory of the future will be highly efficient, flexible and digital, leveraging huge amounts of data and sophisticated machines to create a range of electrified models that will be personalised to suit individual customer needs. But carmakers face several challenges if they are to ensure their factories are operating smoothly in 2030.

Flexibility and digitisation

“Flexibility and digitisation are the two keywords that will define the transformation of car production through this decade,” states Ignazio Dentici, Vice President of Global Automotive & eMobility Industry at Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division. “OEM’s need to be flexible so they can react to the demands of the market. In the past, car production was rigid and inflexible as cars were made to type, but as the electric vehicle (EV) has evolved and consumer demand changes, OEMs need to have the ability to change their manufacturing processes and adapt quickly to create different models, which also involves engaging with external consumer electronics providers.”

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