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How is cyber security evolving for the connected era?

The rapid multiplication of connected cars represents the next big step in transportation. In the US alone, there were 84 million connected cars on the roads in 2021, according to Statista. This number is expected to surpass 305 million by 2035.

Through multiple added functions, from Wi-Fi and external connections to driving assistance and autonomous operations, McAfee’s Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Steve Grobman argues that connected cars will soon need more robust security to avoid intrusions that could endanger drivers and passengers. McAfee is a global computer security software company.

This is especially concerning given the emergence of autonomous vehicles (AVs)

Richard Gardner, Chief Executive of Modulus Global, agrees. He states that one of the primary areas of concern for automotive manufacturers in 2030 will be the expansion of connected vehicles, due to their ability to communicate with devices and systems within the car, as well as communicating with other vehicles. Modulus is a technology company that provides high-performance software and hardware systems.

Put simply, the number of ways a hacker can exploit a vehicle is increasing. “Future cars will talk to one another, scan the road ahead, and send and receive information from the internet,” Grobman tells Automotive World. He notes that some vehicles today with wireless key entry can be easily broken into with materials costing less than US$100.

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