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REVEAL! It Took FOREVER To Find The RIGHT ONE, But Agent 001 Of Auto Spies Adds A GEM To Our Q-Fleet. CAN YOU GUESS WHAT IT IS?

Well Spies, it took what seems like FOREVER.

You know I mentioned a while back I was in-market for a new ride and you were all kind to make your recommendations.

It never used to be this hard. But in these times, finding exactly what you want AND getting the right PRICE on it. Well, NOT so easy.

In my experience over these last six months or so, it seemed like dealers believed they would be in perpetual pandemic price mode.

Well I’m happy to tell you that since Elon dropped the prices, it sent a wave through the market and the stars began to align for me.

What did I end up getting?

A 2022 Ford F-150 Lariat Powerboost Hybrid Supercrew FX4 157″ wheelbase, with the 6.5ft bed.

Here is the full window sticker showing all the specs:

Now I’m not going to do a full review of it here yet, as that will come soon. But I wanted to do the reveal because you’ve all been so patient and probably thought I forgot about you. NEVER!

In the coming weeks and months look for the full review, video, photo gallery and updates as I begin to add what I think are the MUST have additions all truck buyers should consider.

FIRST, next week, look for my first move. The absolute number one thing I do to ALL my trucks.

HINT: It’s from the veteran owned, hard-working American team at LINE-X Of El Cajon. And you’ll find out they do WAY more than bedliners. WAY MORE.

So keep an eye out as we rollout our coverage.

Spy before you buy!

Special thanks to Bradley, Ander and the team at Damerow Ford in Beaverton, Oregon for one of the smoothest deals start to finish ever. Don’t hesitate ringing them up if you’re in-market for a new Ford.

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