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Dash cam data to feed digital twin of roadways

Dashboard cameras (dash cams) have been recording road journeys for decades, providing pivotal evidence for individuals facing fraudulent insurance claims. Grand View Research estimates the value of the 2021 global dash cam market at US$3.38bn and anticipates a compound annual growth rate of 9.5% between 2022 and 2030. It’s not just the number of dash cams on the road that has been growing but also their capabilities, and high-quality images are now combined with artificial intelligence (AI) insights. The result is a potentially vast pool of vision data on the world’s roads.

Israeli start-up Nexar is harnessing its extensive network of dash cams in vehicles to offer the world’s largest independent road vision data library. It’s one of the leading dash cam brands in the US market, where about 500,000 vehicles with its units accumulate 200 million road miles every month, producing 32 million videos and four trillion images. This foundational vision network can help various systems make sense of the world in real-time, reflecting changes as they happen.

“We’re basically creating an ever-growing network of eyes on the road to continuously map everything,” explains Chief Executive Eran Shir.

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