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Data will unlock truck navigation’s full potential

From road freight digitalisation and electrification to the evolution of driver workplaces, the commercial vehicle (CV) segment is experiencing a significant period of change. “It can be difficult for carriers to keep up with how both roads and the industry are changing,” says David Morris, Senior Product Manager at Trimble Maps. A division of the global software, hardware and services firm Trimble, the company develops innovative commercial map-based navigation solutions focused on route planning and optimisation, visualisation and execution.

“Drivers need to keep up to date with new regulations and legislation that can affect their journey. Navigation data must reflect everything from complex low emission zones to road closures and noise pollution restrictions, which are constantly changing.” Indeed, the number of ultra-low emissions zones across Europe increased 40% to 320 between 2019 and 2022, according to research published by the Clean Cities Campaign. This is expected to increase even further to 507 by 2025.

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