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Texas Ford Dealer Called Out For Actually Enforcing Ford Flipping Policy

A prospective Ford Bronco Raptor buyer posted online about an unexpected kink in the deal when they showed up to take delivery of their new SUV. Somewhat surprisingly, it wasn’t just an allegedly big markup, but rather evidence that Ford is cracking down on dealers who sell to flippers. The dealer, Sewell Ford from Odessa, Texas, informed the buyer that if they were caught breaking the resale policy, Ford could reduce or suspend future special vehicle allocations.


There’s little question that the Bronco Raptor is a hot commodity. The normal Bronco sometimes sells for well over MSRP. So the much more off-road focused and more powerful Raptor commands even more attention. From what we can gather so far, the buyer of this Bronco Raptor was about to get it for MSRP, or close to it before a bit of bombshell was dropped at the last minute.


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