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All-new Renault Espace: an immense panoramic glass roof larger than any other

As Renault gradually unveils its All-new Espace, it now presents the view from inside the car, showcasing the immense panoramic glass roof

This is the final teaser before the All-new Renault Espace is unveiled in its entirety on 28 March 2023.

After being officially named Espace and having released images that play with light and shadow to show off the exterior of the large 5- and 7-seater SUV, Renault now turns the spotlight to the on-board experience.

The sixth generation Espace remains true to the spirit of its predecessors and continues to offer passengers a comfortable and spacious driving experience.

One of the newest features of the All-new Renault Espace is its panoramic glass roof larger than any other on the market.

The immense paneless glass roof lets the sunlight flood through over 1 m², as it spans 1.33 m in length and 84 cm in width, giving passengers in the front, middle and back of the car, a brighter interior and therefore a more pleasurable driving experience.

SOURCE: Renault

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