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The new Abarth 500e electrifies Europe

Presented in November, the all-electric New Abarth 500e is now starring on a tour through Europe, where it can be admired by all fans and lovers of the Scorpion

After its debut in November, the full electric New Abarth 500e is now electrifying Europe with a tour that has already touched Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Portugal, and Spain and will soon reach Austria, France, and Switzerland. A journey that has from the get-go, throughout the course of more than 4,000 kms, made the hearths of over 400,000 people beat faster. And there are still 5,000 kms to go.

The New Abarth 500e electrifies Europe

The European tour comes after the first big reveal of the New Abarth 500e to the public at the Milan Games Week & Cartoomics, the most important Italian event dedicated to video games, e-sports, and the world of comics. Here, the new “pocket rocket” has thrilled over 150 thousand people that were able to admire the first electric Abarth ever. By participating in this event, the Scorpion brand is consolidating its connection with the gaming world, as highlighted by the various initiatives launched in recent years, like the e-sport team.

Following its stellar debut at the Milan Games Week & Cartoomics, the electric Scorpion visited Germany. Here it was revealed to the national media, who were ecstatic at the new direction of the Abarth brand: “Isn’t this car simply an eye-catcher, isn’t it simply a real design piece? I’m always impressed, what the Italians can do. They can simply do design, which is harmonious” said Der Autotester, following the event.
4 Abarth Clubs also attended the gathering, and they too expressed satisfaction with how their input for the revolutionary sound was taken into account. “The sound is the best”, “Amazing! I found it very smart and electrifying”, “It’s the beginning of a new era; the sound generator is fantastic” were some of the comments.

The Brussels Motor Show was a perfect third stop for the new addition to the Abarth family; the car show, held every two years in the city of Brussels, saw more than 270,000 visitors over the course of nine days.
Second, fourth, fifth and sixth stops on the tour were the Netherlands, the UK, Portugal and Spain, where the hatchback was on display for media, dealers, and clubs alike. The response was enthusiastic: the electric pocket rocket reached a broad public, on and offline, generating ultra-positive feedback.
The Spain event also saw the participation of Abarth’s latest local ambassador: Marc Gené, one of the most successful drivers in Spanish motorsports, winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and Formula 1 professional with a career spanning more than two decades.

The success of the New Abarth 500e has also been confirmed by intense customer interest, with more than 1,500 Scorpionissima launch edition already pre-booked online and only few hundred still available.
A rewarding result for a car which represents one of the most exciting launches in the history of the brand and a great new addition to its line-up.
Combining performance, electric power, style and a new powerful sound, thanks to the innovative Sound Generator with the distinctive Abarth roar, the new Scorpion turns advanced technology into adrenaline, and sustainability into performance.
Due to its electric architecture, in fact, along with improved weight distribution, better torque, and a wider wheelbase, the New Abarth 500e is faster and more exciting in both urban and suburban driving, ensuring the best performance. With best-in-class acceleration, zero emissions, a fun driving experience, quick recharge, and distinctly Italian design both in the interior and exterior it is, in short, more Abarth than EVer.

SOURCE: Stellantis

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