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S&P Global Mobility Recognizes General Motors as Top Manufacturer; Tesla as Top Make in its 27th Annual Automotive Loyalty Awards

Tesla captures multiple awards; Mercedes-Benz and Subaru win
awards for the first time in several years

S&P Global Mobility announced the winners of its 27th annual
Automotive Loyalty Awards, recognizing General Motors as the winner
of its ‘Overall Loyalty to Manufacturer’ award and Tesla for
‘Overall Loyalty to Make.’ Tracking buying activity from January –
December 2022, the industry faced many obstacles as fewer customers
returned to the market and loyalty fell for the third year in a

“The past three years have been a challenge for the automotive
industry,” said Joe LaFeir, President, Automotive Insights, S&P
Global Mobility. “As customers are returning back to market
post-pandemic and inventory levels have slowly improved from last
year’s lows, retaining loyal customers has been more challenging
than ever before.”

Industry-wide inventory shortages prompted many consumers to
shop other brands if their previously chosen brand did not have
sufficient stock. From pre-pandemic 2019, overall industry average
loyalty has decreased from 54.6% to 50.2% in 2022.

The calendar year 2022 marks the eighth consecutive win for GM
in the ‘Overall Loyalty to Manufacturer’ category, the and 19th win
in the last 27 years. Consistent demand for GM’s sport-utility and
pickup offerings, in addition to rising Inventory levels, led to
strong loyalty gains for the manufacturer throughout 2022.

On top of its ‘Overall Loyalty to Make’ recognition, Tesla
scored repeat wins for ‘Highest Conquest Percentage’ and
“Alternative Powertrain Loyalty to Make.’ The combination of an
active return-to-market consumer base and a majority share of BEV
sales were contributors to Tesla’s loyalty performance this year.
However, the brand’s resonance with ethnic consumers was a key
driver in its recognition of loyalty improvement and diversity

Ethnic consumers represented 40% of all personal vehicle
registrations for 2022, an increase of two percentage points from
the previous year. For more than 15 years, Ethnic customer
retention has been part of the loyalty awards program in various
forms. For 2022, S&P Global Mobility has combined the diverse
consumer base under one category, ‘Ethnic Market Loyalty to Make,’
to reflect the combined growth in the ethnic market over the last
several years. Tesla was the winner of this year’s award as 52% of
its loyal volume came from ethnic consumers.

“Ethnic buyers have increased their market share in the industry
every year for the last decade, making them an important audience
in building loyalty success for the foreseeable future,” said Vince
Palomarez, product manager, Loyalty, at S&P Global

Mercedes-Benz, with the successful launch of the EQS, was
recognized this year as the winner for the ‘Most Improved
Alternative Powertrain Loyalty to Make’ award, recognizing a
brand’s improvement in its ability to retain an owner to both the
brand and either a BEV or hybrid powertrain.

Subaru scored its first win in the ‘Overall Loyalty to Dealer’
category as 38 percent of Subaru owners returning to market
acquired their next vehicle from the same dealer.

A complete list of 2022 award winners follows:



Overall Loyalty to Manufacturer

General Motors*

Overall Loyalty to Make


Ethnic Market Loyalty to Make


Most Improved Make Loyalty


Overall Loyalty to Dealer


Highest Conquest Percentage


Alternative Powertrain Loyalty to Make


Most Improved Alternative Powertrain

Loyalty to Make




Small Utility

Chevrolet Equinox

Mid-Size Utility

Subaru Outback

Full-Size Utility

Chevrolet Tahoe

Mid-Size Pickup

Honda Ridgeline*

Light-Duty Pickup

Ford F-Series

Heavy-Duty Pickup

Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Sports Car

Dodge Challenger*

Small Car

Chevrolet Bolt*

Large Car

Nissan Altima

Luxury Small Utility

Tesla Model Y

Luxury Mid-Size Utility

Lincoln Nautilus

Luxury Full-Size Utility

Land Rover Range Rover

Luxury Sports Car

Chevrolet Corvette*

Luxury Small Car

Tesla Model 3

Luxury Mid-Size Car

Lexus ES*

Luxury Full-Size Car

Mercedes-Benz S-Class*

Note: *repeat winner from the 2021 awards.

Loyalty Awards Methodology

This year’s awards are based on a fact-based analysis of 11.7
million new retail vehicle registrations in the U.S. during the
2022 calendar year. Loyalty is determined when a household that
owns a new vehicle returns to market and acquires another new
vehicle of the same make, model or manufacturer. The newly acquired
vehicle may be either a replacement or an addition to the household

S&P Global Mobility has been tracking automotive loyalty for
27 years. Major automakers and their marketing partners rely on
these data and analyses to make informed decisions surrounding
related to customer purchasing behavior, including conquest and
retention. The Automotive Loyalty Awards from S&P Global
Mobility are the industry’s only fact-based awards of their kind.
For more information, please visit this link.

S&P Global Mobility will discuss the awards and automotive
loyalty trends during its Quarterly Loyalty Summit (webinar) on
Tuesday, February 28 at 1:00 pm ET. Please use this link to register.

This article was published by S&P Global Mobility and not by S&P Global Ratings, which is a separately managed division of S&P Global.

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