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Xpeng hails ‘breakthrough’ in European EV push

Electric vehicle (EV) start-up Xpeng arrived on the crowded Chinese market in 2014 and quickly established a name for itself with a line-up of clean, highly automated vehicles. By 2020 it was ready to take on Europe, and dipped its toes in the Nordic’s EV-friendly waters. Norway made a logical choice for a European debut given its high percentage of EV sales (80% of the new market in 2022). Xpeng introduced its G3 SUV there in 2020, followed by the P7 sports sedan in 2021. Further stores opened in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands over the course of 2022, but now the automaker is stepping up its game.

The company recently unveiled two new potential heavy hitters for Europe in the form of the updated P7 and the all new G9 SUV, which will be offered in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in June 2023 for the new P7 and September for the G9. Automotive World sat down with Elvis Cheng, Managing Director of Xpeng Sweden and the Netherlands, at the company’s design studio in Stockholm to hear more about the European launch strategy.

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