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Munro plugs electrification gap for rugged off-road utes

Electrification is slowly but surely making its way into both luxury and affordable passenger cars, as well as light commercial vehicles and even heavy trucks. But for rugged off-road applications in harsh environments, there’s a decided dearth of options. Emergency rescue, mining, remote infrastructure maintenance, and recreation operators have little choice if they want to convert their fleet to zero emission. That’s where Scottish start-up Munro comes into play.

The Glasgow-based manufacturer appeared on the scene in 2019 and is preparing to launch its first model, the Munro MK_1, in 2023. “My Co-founder Ross Anderson and I realised we have to do something about the environmental challenge,” says Russ Peterson, who also serves as Chief Executive. “We’ve managed to come up with a project that has a large impact on industries that have proven difficult to decarbonise. This is not just another electric SUV.”

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