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Harman: automotive grade answers to consumer expectations

The automotive industry was once again out in force at CES 2023, showing off various responses to the massive mobility transformation underway. Products, business models and customer expectations are evolving rapidly, and players are quickly realising the importance of partnerships. “Nobody can do this transformation alone,” asserts Christian Sobottka, President of Harman’s Automotive Division. “The final shape of future mobility is pretty clear to everybody. The challenge is how to get there. How long will it take, and how much does it cost?”

Automotive World caught up with Sobottka and his leadership team at the Harman Explore event in Las Vegas, an extensive showcase designed to answer—in part—those very questions. The company, along with most suppliers, wants to position itself as the partner of choice for smart, safe, personalised cars that exceed customer expectations at an accessible price point. For automakers, its solutions offer a means of differentiation, future-proofing, and even potential cost-savings.

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