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Name Even ONE EV Or PHEV UNDER 50k That Is GREAT. NOT GOOD, GREAT. Bet You Can’t.

Well, we all made it through another New Year’s Eve.

Hope all of you had a wonderful time over the holidays and had all your dreams come true.

Because starting again tomorrow, most of us will all be knee deep in the hoopla.

CES is this week and the rap they’ll be laying down will be thick.

Our prediction is for OTHER than Tesla, the EV world is gonna be tough sledding.

1. Because they cost too much
2. Interest rates blow and are only gonna get worse.
3. Reliable success charging non-Tesla’s outside of the home is about as likely as hitting on 17 at the blackjack table in Vegas and not going bust.

And 4., which the most important factor of all.


Now don’t get us wrong, there are a few DECENT ones, but not one you get handed the keys to and say “MAN, this is one TRULY GREAT product!” like say, an iphone.

I have a 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe Plug-In Hybrid in the Auto Spies stable and it is a good product, priced right (low 40’s IF you can get one with no markup. We did, but most don’t), but it’s only GOOD, NOT amazing or GREAT.

Also, nothing has changed in the entire time we’ve been around cars. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE PRODUCT.

So prove us WRONG if you can…

Name ONE truly GREAT EV or PHEV for $50k or under. Betting people say you can’t.

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