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Ford on new mobility: nothing is off the table

Like most automakers, Ford is investing heavily in the technologies that will shape new mobility, namely connected, autonomous, shared and electric (CASE). It’s a global transformation and Ford is very much a global company, but the spotlight most recently turned to the UK where the company is allocating an additional £150m (US$184m) to produce more electric drives (edrives) at its Halewood plant. It’s a hefty investment, securing employment for 500 people and solidifying the UK operations as a pivotal contributor in the global e-mobility transformation. The announcement event also offers an opportunity to address Ford’s wider positioning as a new mobility provider and what’s involved in that reinvention.

“Full electrification touches every part of the industry, not just the powertrain,” says Tim Slatter, Chairman of Ford UK. “Almost the whole industry changes, including the way we design and develop products, the way we manufacture them with more vertical integration, the way we go to market, and the services we can offer customers. The industry is being turned upside down.” And Ford is determined to come out on top.

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