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Renault launches £599 per month Megane E-Tech subscription service

Renault has launched an all-inclusive subscription service for its new Megane E-Tech electric vehicle (EV) – with prices starting at £599 per month.

Servicing, insurance, road tax, breakdown cover and congestion charges are all included in the package, which is managed by Renault Group’s recently-acquired subscription arm, Bipi.

Customers can sign-up for between three and 48 months for the scheme, which will likely deliver a flow of nearly-new EV stock to the brand’s franchised car retailers.

There’s no deposit required, and a 750-mile monthly mileage allowance applies.

Guillaume Sicard, country head UK and managing director at Renault UK, said: “Many drivers have not only expressed an interest in switching to an electric car, but also in changing how they may choose to own such a vehicle.

“Traditional ownership methods will always have a place but, in line with how we now pay for many goods and services, there’s a very significant increase in those who would consider a car on a subscription basis.

“Our new all-encompassing subscription service means we have the perfect answer, providing consumers with an exceptionally flexible and convenient way to own and enjoy a highly usable multi award-winning electric vehicle.”

Inside Renault's Megane E-Tech electric vehicle (EV)The new Renault Megane E-Tech is the first of a new generation of Renault EVs built on the brand’s new platform as part of a ‘Renaulution’ strategy which includes the launch of 10 new electric vehicles (EV) by 2025.

Order books for the new model opened generally in July, with a zero-emission range of up to 280 miles and prices starting at £35,595, following a limited period of priority ordering.

Car retailers are increasingly experimenting with their own vehicle subscription solutions.

Hendy Group and Perrys recently partnered with Karzoom to offer a solution.

Discussing the benefits of its new ‘Flex’ offering, which is being facilitated in partnership with Mazda UK, Perrys managing director Darren Ardron told AM: “It really gives us a great opportunity to offer something new to customers wanting maximum flexibility and gauge what potential demand is out there.”

He added: “One of the other positives that subscription can also provide – in the current climate – is another potential stream of used car stock coming back into the business.”

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