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Lynk & Co to reshape cities with ownership alternatives

The traditional concept of vehicle ownership may be holding back the smart cities of the future. That’s the view of Lynk & Co, which has been offering a new approach to mobility with its subscription-based business model, through which customers can also share out their vehicle when they are not using it. Chief Executive Alain Visser, who claims to have come up with the expression ‘Netflix for cars’ back in 2016, is more adamant than ever that society requires a fresh approach to transportation.

“Rather than selling cars we need to have a different shape of mobility, and that will impact what cities look like,” Visser tells Automotive World. The majority of the brand’s customers live in and around big cities, and urbanisation will only accelerate in the coming years. With that in mind, Lynk & Co commissioned a study, conducted by Ipsos, into the impact on cities if there were fewer cars on the road and more shared mobility.

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