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Advertisement feature: Sheffield’s Automotive Marketing agency, MB Advertising & Marketing Ltd, are delighted to announce the latest upgrade to their hugely successful car dealer showroom event software.

Advertisement feature from MB Advertising


Sheffield’s automotive marketing agency, MB Advertising & Marketing, is delighted to announce the latest upgrade to its hugely successful car dealer showroom event software

Ready just in time to help car dealers sell more cars in Quarter 1.

Alongside a brand-new look and feel, the market-leading platform boasts a sophisticated online showroom, giving customers the most immersive online event experience yet.

Customers can now customise their perfect car

At the heart of this new feature has been the desire to enrich customers’ digital journeys for showroom events. Using the MB Event Platform, car sales events now match up to the very best digital car-buying journey.

Once VIP customers have booked their appointment, they can immerse themselves in the best online event experience yet, by browsing cars on display and customising their perfect car down to details like trim, fuel type and all available added options. Finally, they can save customised cars to their event profile, providing a highly personalised and tailored event experience when they visit the showroom.

Dealers get an even higher quality of appointment and increased sales conversion

This upgrade, which is unique in the marketplace to the MB Event solution, allows dealers to promote any make, model, and derivative during their multi-day event. The ‘Digital Showroom’ uses live-time data to power the vehicle specification of cars on display, supported by the very latest vehicle imagery. Dealers have total control of the feature and can choose to display the full range or electric only or only the cars they have available for immediate delivery. The choice is limitless, and the choice is theirs.

No extra costs and a bigger ROI, just what car dealers want from their event provider

All of this means that the dealer gets an even better qualified event appointment from highly engaged customers leading to a higher appointment show and sales conversion rate.

This superb new feature is included at no extra charge with every MB Event booking. Meaning dealerships get even more value for money and a higher return on their investment when they choose to use MB Advertising & Marketing Ltd for their car sales showroom event.

Contact MB today by visiting their website here to find out why so many car dealers are now switching to their event software and to arrange a simple and quick online demo so you can experience the software for yourselves. 

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