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East Asian car makers top annual Reliability Index by Warrantywise

Honda has ranked top in Warrantywise’s Reliability Index of car manufacturer brands as Japanese and Korean marques dominated the top five spots.

Honda topped the index with an overall score of 96.8/100, followed by Toyota (91.2) and Suzuki (88.7). Kia and Hyundai completed the top five positions.

The index uses data compiled from over 131,000 active extended car warranty plans between 2021 and 2022 and ranks every car on factors including the cost to carry out repairs and the frequency rate of those repairs.

The Honda Jazz was named the most reliable used car in this year’s Reliability Index, while Range Rover was named the least reliable.

Lawrence Whittaker, chief executive of Warrantywise, said: “As the cost of living continues to rise, it’s important to keep things like reliability at the forefront of our minds when choosing a used car to buy.

“By collecting and collating all this data into an index like this one, we’re able to further help our customers with their purchases by arming them with information to try and help lessen the burden as much as we can.

“Consumers are keeping their vehicles for longer, and we are able to provide them with a warranty to help them avoid large lump sums when things go wrong.”

Lexus recently topped the rankings in the annual What Car? Reliability Survey with “exemplary” standards across its model range.

Meanwhile, Tesla finished bottom of a Which? survey of electric vehicle (EV) owners to determine the most and least reliable zero-emission cars on the market.

Warrantywise’s top 10 most reliable marques

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