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Special report: Ultra-fast electric vehicle charging

Ultra-fast charging has attracted considerable interest, with proponents suggesting it is the key to mass market electric vehicle (EV) uptake. For drivers without access to home and work charging, or those travelling long distances, long charge times at public networks can be a deal breaker. Many EV owners want a charging experience equivalent to filling up on the go with gasoline or diesel, and ultra-fast charging is the closest thing to that. The flexibility it provides may also prove essential for long-haul electric trucking.

However, it comes at a cost—both for network operators and consumers. Billions of dollars are being poured into battery R&D for the promise of a ten-minute, a five-minute or a three-minute charge. Is this really money well spent?

In this report:

Special report: Ultra-fast electric vehicle charging’ presents insight from:

  • ABB E-Mobility
  • Castrol
  • ChargePoint
  • Driivz
  • Purdue University
  • Sprint Power
  • StoreDot
  • Zerova

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