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Warnings on Tesla stock bubble grow louder

Tesla has arguably become the golden child of electric mobility, breaking new ground with its advanced technology and attracting a devoted following of fans and investors. Sales are outpacing production and should only grow as supply bottlenecks ease. The automaker entered the S&P 500 in December 2020 and its market capitalisation today is larger than the next eight automakers combined.

“Tesla is the world’s most heavily traded stock—and for good reason,” says Oktay Kavrak, Chartered Financial Analyst and Product Strategist at Leverage Shares. “Its visionary leader, who both polarises and galvanises millions across the globe, is the reason why Tesla is always topical.” As a result, the stock has gained over 50% over the last two years. Tesla became the first automaker to have a market valuation pass the US$1tr mark, which has been scribed by various analysts and different times as ‘crazy’ and ‘insane’.

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