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Euro 7 is just the starting point for global sector clean-up

After several delays, the European Commission finally unveiled its Euro 7 proposals on 10 November 2022. Covering both light and heavy vehicles, the new regulations are designed to maximise the efficiency and minimise the environmental impact of new vehicles. While they include regulations that specifically impact electric vehicles (EVs), much of the focus is on cleaning up internal combustion engines (ICE).

For powertrain technology suppliers, these tighter ICE regulations could open the door to new opportunities. “While Europe transitions towards zero emission vehicles, clean and efficient ICE vehicles still have a key role to play for decades to come,” asserts Anish Taneja, Chief Executive of Clean Air at Johnson Matthey.

The supplier, an active player in emissions control technology, has been monitoring developments on this front very closely. Johnson Matthey believes that the increasing complexity demanded of vehicle emissions systems plays directly to its products and expertise. With some clarity expected in the wake of the Euro 7 proposals, the company  and its OEM customers should be able to move forward with their product planning.

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