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Ultra-fast charging: this is not your home charger

The bulk of electric vehicle (EV) charging today—an estimated 80%—takes place at home. Prices are lower than at a public network, but the wait is much longer. Home wall boxes generally come in power outputs of 3.6kW, 7kW and 22kW, which can require 12 hours to fully charge a battery. That doesn’t really matter if you are at home relaxing or sleeping or spending time with the family, but on the road, it just won’t do.

A 50kW rapid DC charger can boost an EV battery to 80% in under an hour. But it gets better than that: ultra-fast chargers can slash the charging time to just over 20 minutes with power outputs of 100kW, 250kW, 270kW or 350kW. They cost more, both for operators and users, but they could prove key to addressing range anxiety and consumer acceptance.

EV charging software developer Driivz is helping station operators prepare for an electric future that includes ultra-fast charging. Doron Frenkel, Founder and Chief Executive of Driivz, believes a solid software foundation must underpin this charging evolution and shares his vision for how this may play out.

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