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Uber and Motional target record robotaxi deployment

Motional is powering ahead in its efforts to lead the push for self-driving vehicles. The company, a joint venture between Hyundai and Aptiv, has been working to make driverless vehicles “a safe, reliable, and accessible reality.” Its AI-first autonomy stack is the result of decades of innovation and millions of miles of testing. At the heart of its approach is the Continuous Learning Framework, a cloud-based infrastructure that draws on machine learning principles to make autonomous vehicles (AVs) safer and better drivers with every mile of road time.

Motional’s product offering allows its partners to plug-and-play fleets of self-driving vehicles onto their network. Its focus is on ride-hailing and delivery applications and it’s been working with some big names including Lyft, Via and Uber. The most recent move sees it expanding its collaboration with Uber from delivery vehicles to also include ride-hailing. It’s a significant development in that it positions Motional as the first AV company to offer both delivery and ride-hailing services with a key player like Uber.

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