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Dicksons director ready for electric changeover after 25 years’ service

Dicksons sales director Jim Mackenzie has notched up 25 years of service with the Inverness-based dealer group and believes the move to electric cars will be the industry’s most significant chapter.

The former RAF runway controller believes we are at an exciting time in the industry with the changeover to all-electric before 2030.

Dicksons is already ahead of the electric curve, with about 20% of its Kia and MG car sales now electric compared to a UK figure of about 10% for new car sales. Mackenzie anticipates increased demand well ahead of the 2030 deadline.

The group opened its MG franchise in September 2021.

Mackenzie said: “It’s an exciting time in our industry as we embark on one of the most significant changes we have seen. We have been preparing for it for some time at Dicksons, and we are well placed to see it through.

“We ensure all of our employees are fully-trained electric specialists as we anticipate greater public demand over the course of the next few years.

“I think that the all-electric side of the business will grow rapidly to over 40% of Kia and MG Sales over the next five years. Nissan is increasing too.”

Mackenzie’s motor industry career started in 1995, when he joined Weir Citroen, part of the John Martin Group, as a sales executive.

He then spent several years managing Honda, Hyundai, Subaru and Daihatsu before moving to manage the sales at all of the group’s sites.

After a couple of years as general sales manager Mackenzie was invited to join the board of directors, where he has held his current role for more than 10 years.

He added: “Working for a family-run business has been a great pleasure , challenging at times and often very rewarding . I am proud that we have such a great bunch of individuals who genuinely care for our customers and have remained with the company for many years.”

Dicksons of Inverness was named Kia Motors UK’s Dealer of the Year, in 2017,

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