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Countdown to 2023: Price hikes for electrified vehicles outpace combustion counterparts

MSRPs for electrified vehicles vs. non-electric vehicles,
indexed and mean prices (volume-weighted).

As we countdown to 2023, we are sharing (near) daily information
pieces, using data from
Global Auto Demand Tracker
. The other day we received a
question from a vehicle manufacturer about the pace of
price-increases for electrified vehicles vs. non-electrified
vehicles. Data in Global Auto Demand Tracker enables answering that
question: Since about 2021-Q4, prices for electrified vehicles
significantly outpaced their internal combustion counterparts,
largely owing to battery material prices.

Another question we wondered about was about prices for
electrified vehicles which are on average about $15-20K higher than
their internal combustion counterparts.

Global Auto Demand Tracker
, we will continue to watch this
space as we are counting down to 2023. For more information or a
free trial click

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