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Tell Us YOUR Choices For The BEST DUV’s (Dog Utility Vehicles)?

If you have a dog or any pet for that matter, you know how important they are to you and your family.

So if you’re like US, you want to give them a healthy and happy life.

Manufacturers like Subaru and Nissan even market their vehicles as ideal for dog owners.

Our ACE Agent.

But what makes THEIR vehicles ideal for man’s best friend other than they market to pet owners?

Well seeing it’s the weekend, lets have some fun and open up the discussion.

If you have a dog or thinking of get one tell us which models attract you due to their dog friendliness?

In other words, what do you think are the BEST DUV’S (Dog Utility Vehicles)? And what about them SPECIFICALLY makes them your choice or choices?

I’ll start with one.

I really like the Jeep Wrangler’s back seat fold flat floor. Our current head of security and ACE Agent specifically enjoyed the Jeeps roomy, flat space for his travel naps.

And lots of the K9 units like the Explorer.

Let us know which you like and enjoy the tribute below to the Auto Spies inaugural mascot Miss Bailey (RIP Dec. 2020).

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