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One and Done – October 2022

One & Done rate reached its highest level in ten

Because Nomadic customers are less loyal than Loyalists and
Super Loyalists, it makes sense that the One & Done rate
(defection rate of Nomadic households) is higher than the industry
defection rate. However, the gap between the two has increased from
5 points in RYTD 2013 to more than 8 points in RYTD 2022. The rate
of defection for both groups has increased since the pandemic and
inventory situations disrupted the automotive market, but the One
& Done rate reached its highest level in at least ten years in
RYTD 2022.

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Our October 2022 report on the US Market focuses on Loyalty chain,
Market conditions on new vehicle inventory, Brand retention and
rates between Nomad Share and One & Done.

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