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Dealer Auction appoints Ian Armitage as new technology director

The trade-to-trade online used car stocking platform Dealer Auction has announced the appointment of Ian Armitage as technology director.

Armitage will assume responsibility for developing and implementing a technology strategy for Auto Trader and Cox Automotive Europe’s trade-to-trade online auction joint venture.

During a career spanning more than 25 years, Armitage has held leadership roles in businesses of varying sizes across multiple industries, including Manchester Airport Group and Ditto AI.

Le Etta Pearce, chief executive officer at Dealer Auction, said: “Against a backdrop that is constantly evolving, we are always working to identify new and interesting ways to make the process of remarketing vehicles as efficient as possible.

“The heightened focus on sustainability makes this even more critical and we believe that digital holds the key to streamlining and shortening remarketing cycles.

“We have always seen ourselves as a positive disruptor within a marketplace that has historically been quite traditional and believe Ian’s appointment will give us an additional competitive advantage, allowing us to leverage technology to become even more responsive to the changing needs of the market.

“Combining the agility of a smaller team with the backing of Cox Automotive and Auto Trader allows us to move quickly and to achieve a meaningful impact.”

Last month (October 2022), MG Motor UK created a closed digital network on Dealer Auction, the online marketplace for used vehicles.

Land Rover dominated Dealer Auction’s August ranking of car brands and models offering the largest sales margin to car retailers, meanwhile.

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