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Exiting Russia: automotive companies abandoning the market

Leading foreign passenger vehicle automakers that produce and export from Russia have been greatly impacted by the Russia/Ukraine conflict, which began 24 February 2022. Pre-conflict, the combined monthly sales of Renault, Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, and Volkswagen accounted for almost three-quarters of total passenger vehicle sales in Russia, according to analysts Frost and Sullivan (F&S).

Following the conflict, many automotive companies have halted production and suspended exports to Russia and Ukraine. This has highlighted the urgent need for strategies that can contain immediate to short-term production disruptions and effectively balance demand and supply dynamics. As such, Ukrainian IT company YouControl has compiled open data exclusive to Automotive World on how the automotive sector has responded to the conflict and has launched an international tool for checking links between legal entities and individuals with Russian and Belarusian assets. 

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