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Rolls Royce Throws It’s Hat Into The EV Arena With New Spectre Starting At $400,000

Even though Rolls-Royce announced its intention to produce an electric vehicle over a decade ago, with the 102EX study, it took the famed luxury automaker until today to finally reveal a production EV. Rolls-Royce Spectre is its name and even though it might look a lot like the Wraith coupe, the two aren’t actually related and don’t really share components.

The new Spectre is built on Rolls’ all-aluminum Architecture of Luxury, the automaker’s latest platform that was designed to take both ICE and fully-electric powertrains. It now underpins all current Rolls-Royce models (Ghost, Phantom and Cullinan), although the Spectre is the first one to feature electrification of any kind.

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