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Low-code to the rescue as CASE mobility complicates product development

The automotive industry is undergoing unprecedented changes with the move to connected, autonomous, shared and electric (CASE) mobility. For OEMs and suppliers, that means a huge transition within their product lines, manufacturing plants, supply chains, services, industry regulations, and government mandates. Everyone is scrambling to streamline and modernise. “Companies in many cases have to completely rethink their product lines and bring newer technology to market in a much faster way,” says Subba Rao, Director Manufacturing Industries Cloud at Mendix.

Mendix believes its enterprise  low-code process automation platform could prove a game-changer in this industry transformation. Low-code approaches have gained in popularity as more enterprises seek to enable all of their employees to access and use the data they store. But skilled programmers are in short supply. Platforms like this one make it easier to build applications.

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