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E-mobility puts pressure on project timing and cost KPIs

Automotive manufacturing projects have grown increasingly complex over the years as companies respond to new technology trends, such as in-car connectivity and electric vehicles (EVs). The pressure for project managers to come in on time and within budget has never been higher.

Cost and time

In many cases, teams are bringing technologies into mass production for the first time. Key components like electric motors (e-motors), power modules and batteries are all in the early stages of development and don’t necessarily have the maturity to hit mass production manufacturing KPIs.

“These products entail many inefficiencies at the beginning of the process,” says Ignazio Dentici, Vice President for Automotive and eMobility Industry for Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. “You end up with a lot of scraps and you struggle to meet the cycle time originally set out. This makes it harder to stick to the time and cost targets.”

Automakers are also struggling with supply chain challenges, specifically shortages, bottlenecks and general uncertainty. “The supply chain issues over the past two years have been a huge headache for project management,” he adds. “How do you maintain volumes and timing KPIs when you have a lack of electronics or raw materials? Project management has evolved from a team leadership role to one of complex change management.”

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