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Has Anyone NOTICED The GLARING Omission In The 2023 Ford Super Duty Interior? Has Ford SOURED On THIS Option?

I’ve been waiting and holding off on a new F-150 because the interior hasn’t been updated to the Lightning and 2022 Ford Expedition setup with the full size, Tesla-like portrait screen in the center stack.

I just figured out that there were supply holdups and that is why the 23 F-150 didn’t get it.

So I ANXIOUSLY awaited an announcement.

I even got to test a 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline which was super nice and thought when the Super Duty was announced earlier this week FOR SURE, it would have it.

But the 2023 Super Duty came and went and it was shown with the old school smaller screen.


Has Ford SOURED on the portrait monitor or do you still think it may show up in normal F-150’s and Super Duty?

Kind of amazed no other outlet even noticed this omission or questioned Ford at the launch.


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