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Bramble Energy tackles fuel cell stack production challenge

Hydrogen fuel cell technology promises significant environmental benefits for vehicles of all classes, either as a primary fuel source or a range extender for battery electric vehicles (BEVs). However, fuel cell vehicles have failed to take off in the way that BEVs have, facing headwinds in the form of cost, manufacturing complexity and scaling. This is where Bramble Energy believes it can help.

The printed circuit board fuel cell

The London-based technology company aims to leverage the existing global manufacturing base of the printed circuit board (PCB) industry to roll out bespoke fuel cell stacks in just days. That’s including every step from design concept through to physical units. The simplified design approach of its fuel cells reduces the number of components compared to conventional fuel cells, cutting the cost and weight of the final printed circuit board fuel cell (PCBFC). Lighter, cheaper and promising to save as much as a year in development time, it’s an alluring proposition.

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